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Question! And pls help me Admin!

Started by Calfan01 May 06th, 2022 at 16:49
Standard (Payout max.2$)
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May 06th, 2022 at 16:49
Hello Admin!

I'd like to know ... when the payout and membership terms will change. You said for the new policy ... that it will only be a temporary period and everything will return to the site soon. It's been a long time ... but there hasn't been a change.
I am thinking here of the higher payout maximum and the cash out payout.

The problem remains the same as it has been for months ... that I have made a $ 200 deposit to your site. So far, I've only received a total of $ 52 payouts from you ... so my profit is about minus $ 150 on your site so far.
However, under the current rules, even though I am a Gold 60 member, I can request a maximum payout of about $ 2 every 2 weeks !!! After a little math, it’s easy to calculate that with this condition, I can reach the remaining $ 150 in about 1050 days. And I can finally have my balance on 0 (and then where else is a little profit for which I originally invested in you)
Plus, this small $ 2 payout is tied to 300 CO points !! I think this is very unreal !!
Furthermore, the problem is that even if I click on the offerwall it does not open! I’ve tried it a lot of times and the Home page always comes in. Also, by the time I click on these 300 CO points, it's a lot of time (because 99% of me am not eligible for surveys for some reason ... and I don't have the time anyway) !!!

That's what I want to talk to you about ... when there's a change in payouts! And what an alternative way you can give ... to finally get at least the amount I invested!

Thank you in advance for your answer!
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