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my payment cancel why?????? What Problem admin

Started by ptcmonitorbd 2024-05-08 at 07:56
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What Problem admin
my payment cancel why?????? my director referral 52 but Now show 5 DR- are you fun admin

I have been working on your site for a long time and getting paid but why are you not changing all this now - Reply me

You have announced again that you have to invest 1 dollar again for up to 6 months. Ok I'm reinvesting again no problem - but you return my 52 direct referrals
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RD: You had more RD than the membership allows.
I don't understand so much noise and so much grief for a DR that months ago had not made a single click.
You will continue to be paid as you have been until now but you have to adapt to the new conditions.
The changes are essential for the evolution of the PTC.
I repeat: You have not lost or have not been harmed in any way, you just have to adapt to the new conditions.
In the 3 PTCs of the Evergreenclix group we are not looking for big investors (we don't want them) only users who work and get paid.


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