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Started by Admin Nov 05th, 2021 at 21:30
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Nov 05th, 2021 at 21:30
NOTE: The points that the users have accumulated until now are not considered cashout points, they can convert them to money.

If the points are those that we can accumulate and exchange for money, I, who have less than 3,000 points, will I have to wait to reach 10,000 to withdraw and then the 300 rule becomes effective? If the necessary 300 points are accumulated where they accumulate 10,000, how will I know if I've already reached the points (300) necessary for withdrawal as they join up to accumulate 10,000? I tried to convert less than 3,000 points into cash to be able to control when it would reach 300 but it was not possible as 10,000 are needed - In the last week of October I tried to make a withdrawal and after 5 days the value returned to my account, I thought it was for having used PAYEER, after that I received the notice that I could only attempt a new withdrawal after 20 days. Since I can't visibly control the 300 points, I'm afraid that every attempt to withdraw my points is missing and I have to wait another 20 days for another attempt. A hug and thanks for any explanation, I'm new to the site and I still haven't got used to every mode of operation.
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Posts: 90
Nov 05th, 2021 at 21:33

It is good that you ask all these questions so that all users will see them as well.

1. You can convert in money all the points you have accumulated so far.

Points .....convert points...... (a window opens) and in the box "convert points" click on 10000, delete it and put the number of points you want to convert.
I have done it for you
Now you have 0 points and 0,2281 $ in PB

Now you have 0 points and for each click you make on an offers4alls ad you will get 1 point.
When you get to 300 points you can ask for payment and I assure you that you will get it.

3.You can withdraw by Payeer, PM ,Airtm.

I hope I helped you
If you still have more questions send me a ticket

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