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Published on 10-05-2024

Hello everyone

As you have observed, some changes have been made in order to stabilize the PTC and turn it into a stable project that depends only on its own financial means.
These changes are as follows:
1. There are 3 memberships
- Standard(Min.0.25$-5$)
- Silver 30 (min.2$-max. 15$)
- Gold 30 (min 2$-max 50$)
What is the difference between each membership you can see in “Extend membership”.

2. RRs have been eliminated.
3.Direct Referrals are maintained
4. The earnings of the users are obtained by.
      Games and tasks.
      Direct Referrals


If you are interested in my small opinion this PTC model is the only one that can be maintained and sustained over time.
We all know what has happened to “big” PTCs at a certain moment.
We also know that only the ones that have converted and evolved have survived.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation


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